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Okay, so even though I grew up just a few hours away, I have never been to Chicago. I've never even flown through O'Hare! But - that all changes now.

The Retail Bakers' Association of America is having its national conference in the Windy City in two weeks, and I and a co-worker from the Donut Den are headed up to learn how to sell more pastries.

We'll also have a little bit of time to sightsee. I know I want to go to the Art Institute, and Lush. Won't have time to go to Oprah. Other than that, I'd love to know what any of you would recommend. Email me or leave a comment - what are the must-sees of Chicago, in your opinion?

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  1. # Blogger JAW


    This is funny. Candice and I will miss you in Chicago by one week (we'll be there April 7-10).

    You're right on target with the Art Institute. I think it's the best art museum in the USA...I even think it's better than the Met in NYC. I also really like the Shedd Aquarium. I'm not so big on the Field Museum, and though I like the Museum of Science & Industry, it's a little out of the way.

    Be sure to hit the Magnificent Mile (N. Michigan Ave).

    Oh - actually, my favorite Chicago thing is to have breakfast at Ann Sather. AS is a Swedish restaurant that makes some of the best cinnamon rolls ever. Take the Red Line "El" train north to Belmont, and it's right next to the stop.

    Have fun...this is perhaps TMI but (oddly) Chicago is one of my favorite cities.  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    ooooo...chicago! awesome. you should definitely hit the magnificent mile for a couple of days! i liked science & industry museum, piedmont park, navy pier, and House Of Blues! if you're there on a Sunday morning, check to see if HOB does a sunday gospel brunch. my friends and i go to the one in new orleans most every time we go!

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