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Fighting for Humanity

This may offend some of my more conservative friends and family, but this fires me up. The proposed amendment to the Tennessee Constitution banning gay marriage passed the Senate yesterday with almost no opposition.

We as Christians seem to love to crusade (thanks Beth!) against things that work EXACTLY against our mission as Christians. Christ's example was one of love and outreach. When we are outspoken about how dirty and unworthy one part of our population is compared to us, what message are we sending? It is one of hatred, bigotry, and self-righteousness. It tells a significant group of people that they are not as good as we "Christians", and that they have no hope of fellowship with us, and therefore our Lord. This leads people to God.... how, exactly?

What if, instead, we supported equal rights for all humans, regardless of what sins they may or may not have in their lives? What if we reached out in love to spread what Christ has given us, and left it up to Scripture and the Spirit to guide each person's morality, instead of trying to force people to comply with rules?

What if we took all of this energy, passion, and political power and turned it to the Sudan? Are you aware of what is going on there? What if we, as Christians, insisted our government stop the rape, torture, mutilation, and genocide taking place in plain sight? What if we held President Bush to his promise America would not let the Rwandan atrocities be repeated?

Which, in the long run, will further our purpose as Christ's followers? Which, if allowed to continue, in the long run will degrade further what it means to be a creation of God?

Sorry for the political post today, but I can't get it off of my heart. I encourage each of you to think long and hard about writing a letter to your representatives regarding the Sudan genocide. The UN has documented it, the US has promised not to stand by, and yet the Bush administration continues to do nothing proactive about it. Until we stand up and demand action, nothing will change. Don't let our generation be like the people who knew of the Holocaust, yet stood by.

4 Responses to “Fighting for Humanity”

  1. # Blogger Tara

    Amen, my sister! Thank you for this post. I had no clue about that ammendment, and living in Texas I doubt I was about to find out any time soon. And I agree, the crusading (good term for it!) drives me crazy. Also, thank you so much for the link about the horror in Sudan. Another thing I had no clue about. I sent off an email to an officer in IJM here in Abilene, and I'll see if they're interested in a petition or something. But it amazes me what attrocities I have no clue exist, and how often, how I never would have had a clue how to find out. So thank you for all the updates, and thank you for expressing your opinions. I usually find your refreshing.
    It was great talking to you today. And by the way, the celebrity dream record sounds like fun ;-). I love you, sis!  

  2. # Blogger Tara

    *yours...I usually find yours in your opinions... :-D anyway...  

  3. # Blogger Brandon Scott Thomas

    Preach on, sister! I listened to a Cd today of a sermon done by Tony Compolo that was really convicting on this too. If you want to borrow, just let me know. Great stuff here!  

  4. # Blogger j-dub

    thankyou, thankyou, THANKyou for posts like these. sometimes one starts feeling like the only person in their church who doesn't think that gay marriage is the coming of the apocalypse.  

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