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Celebrity Dreams I

Sorry it's been a while, for you one or two regular readers. I caught a really nasty cold last week, and ended up sleeping most of the week away. Still a little snuffly, but better for the most part.

Please continue to keep praying for the Shaub family. They have a blog set up with updates and thoughts and prayers and such. Jonathan is supposed to have surgery today in an attempt to clean his wound and try to fight the infection. It still breaks my heart every time I think about him.

Okay, so on to the celebrity dreams thing. Oddly enough, this has nothing to do with the Oscars. The thing is, I regularly have celebrities pop up in my dreams. Usually it's someone from the music scene, and it's almost never anyone I have any particular fondness for. I was talking to a couple of friends at lifegroup last night, and it came up, and I told them I'd start keeping track of them on my blog. So here are the three I remember the most clearly, because they're the most interesting. (By the way, I'd love to hear what you think they mean. I'm stumped.) I'll post more when I have them.

3. A group of friends and I had rented a condo in Florida. On the beach, we met Rob Thomas (from Matchbox 20). He was on vacation, too, and when his reservation at his hotel was up, he moved in with us for a few days, because we had all become such good friends.

2. (This one was last week, while I was sick, prompting the conversation last night.) I was housesitting for Tim and Faith (mcGraw and Hill). They and their daughters were out of town, so someone (don't know who - one of those imaginary dream people) and I were staying in their place while they were gone. The house was nice, but smaller than I would have expected, and messy, due to the 3 daughters they have (in real life) and their big shaggy dog (in the dream). They were extremely nice and funny.

1. The Julie Andrews Dream: (a lot of people heard about this one when it happened.) First, some context: JA is probably my all time favorite actress. You just can't beat The Sound of Music. I grew up watching her, and think of her in a warm, older sister sort of way. I had seen her on the news the night I had this dream, which was the night before a friend's wedding, so it's pretty clear where all of these elements came from.

Okay, here goes: In the dream, I was on the way to a friend's wedding, in which I was to be a bridesmaid. I had a lot of trouble getting to the church, and finally got there barefoot, with only the clothes on my back and the bridesmaid dress. Fortunately, the church where the wedding was to take place was attached to Shopryland (Opry Mills). When I got into the roon where the other girls were, I discovered that one of the other bridesmaids was the granddaughter of Julie Andrews, and that Julie was actually there for the wedding. So Julie agreed to go next door to Opry Mills and buy me shoes while we got ready, took pictures, all of that.

I came back up to the room a few minutes before the wedding, and Julie was there with three different single white shoes lined up. She told me to try them on, pick the one I liked, and we could take the others back after the wedding. I was blown away at her thoughtfulness. She left to get seated, and the other girls went downstairs to line up. I tried on the shoes and figured out which one I liked best, but couldn't find the match for it or any of the shoes. I frantically dug through everyone's things, but no luck. Finally I looked under the bed in the corner, and there were some shoeboxes underneath. I opened them, relieved, but was surprised to see that the shoes were all brown and black, and were all the wrong size. And then I realized - Julie Andrews had taken my money and bought shoes for herself, and just stolen the display shoes from the shelf at the store!! I ran downstairs to go barefoot to the wedding, but it had already started and I missed it. I was more upset at Julie's betrayal, though. It took me a while to calm down from this, but we watched The Sound of Music a couple of days later and Julie and I are cool again.

Hope you all have a fabulous week!

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