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I had a brunch meeting with my friend who is co-leading a trip to England with me this fall, and the Missions Coordinator for our church. The meeting went very well. I am fired up about the trip and ready to start meeting with people who want to go. Unfortunately, we're probably still a few weeks away from that, and from planning events and activities. I'm not very good at waiting; I'd be packing my suitcase this weekend if I could.

Yesterday was productive, but exhausting. I trucked it downtown to do some research. While I was driving around looking for a place to park, I accidentally pulled too far into an intersection waiting to make a left turn, so that my car was on top of the crosswalk. Who should cross the street RIGHT THEN, but Governor Bredesen, on his way to make his State of the State address, surrounded by a bevy of advisors and bodyguards. They had to walk out around my car to get to the Capitol. I waved and mouthed "Sorry", and he waved and smiled, so I didn't feel too bad about it.

It reminded me of the other time I ran into him. It was when I was in college, and he was still just Mayor Bredesen. I was working at a photo shop, and we were closing for the night. My co-worker had left, but I was still finishing a couple of things. Before I could get over to the door to lock it behind him, I heard it open again, and heard someone ask, "Can I still pick up my pictures?" I replied, "No, I'm sorry, but I've closed the computer out," as I walked out from the back. It was the mayor. Yeah, felt like a total dope. Now I'm two-for-two on embarrasing myself in front of him. Can't wait to see what I'll do when he's President.

Today I'm writing a memo on the research I did yesterday. The law is an exciting job, let me tell you. At least I'm not getting paid for this, which adds an element of excitement.

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  1. # Blogger JAW

    Actually, Bredesen is on the cover of this week's New Republic. The piece basically drools all over him and says he'd be the ideal candidate for President.

    I'm convinced. Bredesen/Bayh'08! (Or Bayh/Bredesen).  

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