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Kid Rock in Nashville

Anyone still in doubt as to his credibility as a country-western star?

Okay, let me just preface this with saying that there is nothing anyone can say that ever really DESERVES a physically violent reaction.

But can you believe this DJ? Maybe I'm just biased, being a fan of Rock, but I'm totally on his side (of the argument - not how he handled it). Does it seem to anyone else that it's getting totally blown out of proportion?

What stood out to me in the article: the DJ, who's grand job is playing music for women to take off their clothes to, announced the closing of the club, prompting a negative reaction from the audience. (I think it's safe to assume the audience was mostly drunk, and that this is a pretty typical reaction on any given night in a strip club.) The DJ, in his own version of the story, says, "Hey, I'm just doing my job. I don't come out and harrass you while you're digging through trash cans." Kid Rock went into the DJ booth and demanded an apology - not just to himself, but one over the loudspeaker, to everyone in the club. The DJ refused, they got into it, and Kid Rock slugged him twice.

Now Kid Rock is facing criminal charges and a lawsuit. (Apparently the DJ's glasses were broken - insert joke here - and he's going to see an eye doctor about it.)

I just really don't think it would have caused anywhere near this much ruckus if he wasn't who he is, and it bothers me.

Besides, I, too, wanna be a cowboy, baby.

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