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Diane Nash

I'm a member of an organization here called CABLE. It's a networking organization for women, with once-a-month luncheons. Today's speaker was Diane Nash, who was a major leader in the Civil Rights movement here in Nashville. It was the largest group I've ever seen at a CABLE lunch, and with good cause. A few things stood out through everything she said:

First, to never be willing to sacrifice your dignity or self worth for a cause. A lot of people are willing to "give it all", but it means that you're not doing the best you can for the problem.

Second, that the movement brought out extraordinary people, but that it also brought out wonderful things in ordinary people. It's important that it not be remembered as "MLK's Crusade" or "Diane Nash's Crusade", because when another issue needs dealing with, people will look around for the next King or Nash. Instead, it should be remembered as a crusade of common and ordinary people, so that when another issue arises, people will say, "What can I do?"

Third, that the stubbornness of the enemy was never a discouraging factor. The racist Southern redneck boys were so obnoxious, it made them work twice as hard.

Fourth, for all the racism Nashville has had and continues to deal with, there were then and continue to be wonderful people of all races and ethnicities willing to work together to make it a greater city than it was yesterday.

Mayor Bill Purcell introduced her and had this to say about what her actions meant: 45 years ago, to meet with the mayor of Nashville, she had to lead a march of thousands of people across downtown Nashville and hope the mayor would spare a few minutes with her (which he did). Today, when she comes to Nashville, the mayor comes to her.

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