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Although Mother Nature has been taunting us the last several weeks with weather that changes rapidly from gorgeous to frigid and back again, the plants and animals seem to know it's time for spring. Here are the signs I've seen this week:

1. A red cardinal sitting on a still-bare tree branch outside the window at lifegroup.
2. A robin redbreast perched on the grass by the side of the road as I drove into Green Hills.
3. Birds are singing EVERYWHERE!
4. My favorite tree, tulip magnolias, are blooming into gorgeous fat pink flowers.
5. Daffodils, spring beauties, clover, violets, and more are also blooming everywhere!
6. From the park across the street from my apartment, I hear the sounds of kids laughing and aluminum bats hitting baseballs in the twilight.

Now, if only the sun would stick around long enough to warm this place up a little! I hope you're all somewhere you can enjoy the miracle of this season.

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