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Celebrity Dreams II

Okay, this is the one I had last night:

When I was growing up, every year our church had our Easter Egg Hunt at the house of a member family. This place was amazing. Actually, I don't think I ever even went inside the house. But the yard is probably 4 acres, split into thirds by two landscaped streams full of koi (Japanese goldfish), and always perfectly green and manicured. Anyway, last night in my dream, we were all at the house for the hunt, but this year, somehow, Dennis Rodman had bought part of the property, and was helping out at the event. But he kept getting upset at people taking plates of food out into the yard. Seems he thought that food spilled on the grass was the worst thing that could happen to his new yard. Since it was a kiddie event, it kept him very busy.

Have a great day!

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    what a night for dreams! nevermind the fact that i actually thought i could sleep in this morning b/c really i'm off tomorrow, but anyhoo i dreamed i had a party at my house and there was a thunderstorm that did some pretty significant damage to the house, so while we're all cleaning up, a gargantuan black bear makes its way in and helps itself to some chips!!


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