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Monday update

Hey, guys! Thank you all so much for your support last week. (Chris, I'm still waiting on those Tony Robbins materials....)

Things have gone quickly uphill for me, thankfully. Sometimes we all just get in a funk, I know, and that's where I was. It was just particularly bad because some issues resurfaced that I thought I had pretty much settled. So I'm working on those, once again, but it feels much better now that I have actions to take.

One huge piece of great news that helped a lot - I got a promotion on Friday! It was completely unexpected. In fact, part of what was going on last week was that I was making a lot of stupid mistakes and felt pretty incompetent. So to be called into my team leader's office and told that I would start reporting directly to her, and no longer to a supervisor, went a long way toward restoring my confidence, at least about work. But you know how it is - it trickles over into everything.

So thanks again for your kind words, prayers, thoughts, all of it. I love youse guys!

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  1. # Blogger fabricsnob

    So glad to hear this. Also glad to be able to get Mel & Tiff time again. Love you!!! ps- Lucinda Williams is on. I heart WRLT. yea!  

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