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Tagged again

It's been awhile, so...

(From Malia.)

Three things -

That Scare me: serial killers, financial insecurity, and the enduring popularity of Julio Iglesias

People who make me laugh: Dave Barry, John Krasinski, and Jack Black

I hate: negativity, olives, and the August weather

I don't understand: why someone would choose to not take the opportunity to make a change for the better, how someone can walk away from a good relationship and never look back, and why I can't convince my 11-year-old cousin to listen to music by anyone but Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney.

Things on my desk: self-painted ceramic pencil cup, a rubber lizard I won at Chuck E. Cheese, and piles of paperwork I haven't finished.

I'm doing right now: guestblogging on Nashville is Talking, watching an Alaska-survivial documentary on PBS, and wondering if I can put off going to the grocery for one more day.

I want to do before I die: travel as often as possible, write a novel, and have a family

I can't do: whistle (me either, Malia!), let go, quite make ends meet on my current salary

I think you should listen to: The Beatles, jazz, and people you trust (even when they're saying what you don't want to hear)

You should NEVER listen to: Kenny Chesney, Bill O'Reilly, or anyone who tells you that you're unimportant

I'd like to learn: more about myself, Flemish, and how to play the guitar

Favorite foods: chocolate, broccoli, and Kroger-brand Lucky Charms

Beverages: coffee, milk, and chianti

Shows I watched as a kid: Spiderman, She-Ra, and Mr. Rogers

Alright, now to share the fun: I'll tag Mel, JT, and Michelle (c'mon - it's a good excuse to update it!)

7 Responses to “Tagged again”

  1. # Blogger dick clinch

    I don't like Kenny Chesney, either, but especially not Bill O'Reilly. I don't like milk in my coffee nor do I like it in my chianti.

    I do, however, like your weblog, even down to the unnecessary comma after milk.

    My grandfather was from Tennessee and he wrote a poem about it. It was written prior to Alaskan and Hawaiian statehood.

    grand old state
    best there is
    in the forty-eight  

  2. # Blogger Ginger

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.  

  3. # Blogger Ginger

    wow, I love Dave Barry, hate Kenny Chesney, can't whistle, and we even have the same blog page design...we could be sisters! LOL  

  4. # Blogger John H

    here's 3 things:

    your dad was a great teacher
    d.d. apple fritters...mmmmm
    you look a LOT like your mom
    (that is a big compliment in my book)  

  5. # Blogger Ashley

    Great blog, keep up the good work. Come check mine out sometime  

  6. # Blogger Malia

    I agree with John about looking like your Mom and that is a great compliment! I think you know this, but I met your mother before I met you even though we go to church together :-P. When I saw you at church after meeting her, I remember thinking that must be her daughter, they look just alike!!

    I also agree with John about the apple fritters. That's my fav treat from The DD (not Dunkin' Donuts!!).  

  7. # Blogger fabricsnob

    oh no. you tagged me.
    I've been sick this week so no update. GIVE ME SYMPATHY, yo!  

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