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If you're the praying type, I am asking your assistance. This morning I had an email from a friend from college. This isn't someone I have kept in touch with, but we recently reconnected through a mutual friend.

Anyway, James and his wife, Katie, recently found out they are pregnant, after trying for quite a while. They are now at 13 weeks. She's been having some abdominal pain, and her OB thought she might have gallstones, so she went in yesterday for some tests.

They found a tumor on her pancreas, and some lesions on her liver. They aren't sure if the liver lesions are cancerous or not, but since she survived a bout with skin cancer 3 years ago, things don't look good.

The kicker is that, if the liver is cancerous, there is no way to treat Katie that won't be fatal to the baby. And they can't wait until the baby is born to start treating her, because of her medical history.

So please. please be praying for them. If her liver is not cancerous, they will try some treatments that won't be as harmful to the baby. So first and foremost, we are pleading that those results will come back negative.

But regardless, this is going to be a really tough time for James and Katie. Pray for their strength, and that this time will work to bring them closer to each other and to God, and won't tear them down.

Thanks, y'all.

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