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Chuck E. Cheese was every bit as good as I remembered. I won 175 tickets, which got me a Chuck E. Cheese Koosh, a pink plastic ring, and a little lizard, which now sits on my computer. We had a lot of fun with the kids. I’ll have to go back later in the summer when my own young cousins are in town.

Well, tonight is the last night that I’m teaching my class at church. For the last two years, on Wednesday nights, I’ve taught the 2-year-old class. It has been a challenge some weeks, but even so, every single week has been encouraging and uplifting. If you have the patience for it, there is nothing like the smile, laugh, and/or hug of a young child to just plain make you feel good.

However. With the good comes the exhaustion and stress inherent in trying to corral 10-12 toddlers for an hour every week. And so I’m taking a break. I know I’ll come back and teach again eventually, probably this same age group, but for now I need some time off.

It’s sad, because if I stayed, I would get the first batch of younger siblings – babies born while I taught their older brothers and sisters two years ago. There are at least 3 or 4 in the group promoting up into “my” class, and I hate that I’ll miss that time with them, but it’s just time to say no.

But I’m looking forward to being able to go to Movies in the Park and all of the awesome Wednesday-night concerts this summer. Come fall, I’ll be able to stay home and watch LOST, if I so choose. It will be nice to have the choice, anyway.

3 Responses to “Kids”

  1. # Blogger Malia

    ugh, I avoid Chuck E. Cheese at ALL cost!!

    Boo-boo with be two this fall! ::sob:: He won't have TiffSniff as his teacher?? You'll be home watching Lost?? Oh what has the world come to??


  2. # Blogger fabricsnob

    I bet Miss TiffSniff will make guest appearances in class. Plus Boo-Boo can come to babysitting nights!
    TS- wonderful dinner the other night. My "new" pictures STILL haven't arrived, but when they do, I'm coming over for a marathon.  

  3. # Blogger fabricsnob

    ps- the best part of that night was watching them all climb on top of you. it was really cute. I didn't think until later that it probably wasn't good for your back. I'll upload the picture later and send you.  

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