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Bad grammar and good friends

It’s a slow day at work, so I have a few minutes to post, for once. I can always seem to find time to read other people’s blogs, but not to post to my own. Maybe because it does take a little more effort. Although anyone who reads this regularly will know that I’m not known for my effort.

But I’m housesitting for a family with wi-fi for a few weeks, so hopefully I’ll find time for a few more posts this month.

Right now, I have two major, urgent, pressing projects I need to finish for work. One requires some feedback at this point from my Boss boss. The other I’m being taught how to do by my Supervisor boss. So wouldn’t you know that one of our Big clients is here, and they’re both meeting with him. So until they get back, you’ll have to suffer my random thoughts.

Oh, I’m also going to experiment with posting my blog both at myspace and at blogspot, in a lame attempt to garner a little more traffic. Of course, it won’t be worth much if I continue my lackadaisical blogging, but maybe it will create some incentive for me, too. Or something.

The holiday weekend was pretty great. Thursday night I had dinner with Jennifer, James (aka the Malibu Librarian) and his wife Candice, and the Fabric Snob. We ate at the Loveless, which is a must-do for any self-respecting Nashville tourist. (Not that I’m calling you a tourist, JA.)

Friday night, I watched a movie and spent some time hanging out with people from church that I don’t spend a lot of time with. It was a random group, but a lot of fun. And, of course, “Zoolander’ is always a hit. Saturday I hit the mall and spent more money than I should have, which was great. That night I cooked dinner for my girlfriends and we scrapbooked and watched “Pride and Prejudice” and the first episode of “MI-5”, which I received for my birthday from Michelle and the Fabric Snob. (Bonus points for knowing the connection there, unless you're someone who has heard me go on and on and on about this particular obsession.)

Sunday and Monday I moved over to the place I’m housesitting. My parents’ best friends are in Europe for a few weeks with the university they both teach at, and they’re paying me to stay in their fabulous house, complete with a Jacuzzi, pool table, and movie projector and screen. And cable TV. It’s the small things in life. Fortunately, my roommate’s sister is still staying with us, so she can keep Vera company.

Tonight, I’m going to Chuck E. Cheese for the first time in about 20 years. I’m not sure what to expect, but I’m excited. My roommate and I took her young cousins to see “Narnia” in January, and they apparently had a good time, because they’ve been wanting us to take them to see the giant creepy mouse who sells crappy pizza and lame games for more money than they’re worth. But I’m looking forward to it, really.

No extra points for catching all the prepositions I used to end sentences with. I’m too lazy to go back and fix them now, even if it’s you I’m doing it for, fair reader. Happy Tuesday.

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I miss you, SniffyTiff! It's great to hear you're doing well (and getting to lounge in a sweet pad whilst earning cash). Just checked your blog -- in what seems like ages -- and realized I haven't been in touch with you all. Geesh, you should kill me where you stand, but it is not your way.

    22 more days for me in England. Ugh!

    Miss you! (but not your poor grammar...)


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