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Excuse me, but your Southern is showing

For the last couple of weeks, every time I've tried to type "window", I've typed "winder" instead. I'm worried about what this means about the state of my inner monologue.

4 Responses to “Excuse me, but your Southern is showing”

  1. # Blogger Phil

    Shee-oot. Ain't no thang.  

  2. # Blogger Jennifer Thompson

    (Insert Giles County front porch.)

    Don't you worry 'bout it, darlin'. I reckon it'll git worked out just fine.  

  3. # Blogger fabricsnob

    I can't top Jen. Must have been that little jaunt we took through Grundy Co. thoguh. Should have stopped at the Smokehouse...  

  4. # Blogger amanda

    that just ain't no count  

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