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My weekend



Sunset VII

Mountain Cabin II

My Lizard

Clouds I


5 Responses to “My weekend”

  1. # Blogger Eco

    I'm sorry girl, but those are some long-ass toes! :-)  

  2. # Blogger Jennifer Thompson

    Can I have your mommy's camera?

    I love it - there's like a whole section devoted to Pax and whipped cream.  

  3. # Blogger Tiffany

    Yes, but I like my long toes. Besides, in case you hadn't noticed, my feet are very long themselves. Short toes would look funny. And smaller feet would look funny on someone my height.  

  4. # Blogger fabricsnob

    What about my feet on your body?
    or the other way round.  

  5. # Blogger Eco

    That is true about the feet proportion thing. My brother is 6'3" and he only wears a size 9 in guys (obviously) pretty small feet. Don't know how the broomstick stands up really.  

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