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Three Degrees of Separation

This story is beyond heartbreaking. Any domestic violence is awful, but this one hits awfully close to home.

First, there is the geographical aspect - Selmer is only a couple hundred miles from where I live. Second, there is the Church of Christ connection (I'm a lifelong C of C attendee), compounded by the fact that the couple met at Freed-Hardeman, where my father went to college. True, they weren't there at the same time, but Matthew Winkler's father probably was there with mine. Third, my roommate has a good friend who knew Matthew while he led the youth group at the Central C of C in McMinnville. This woman was a missionary in Scotland for a time (which is how she met Michelle), and the Winklers helped her raise her funds - she was supported by Bellevue C of C while he was the youth minister there.

There are no details coming out yet, really, but one thing is clear: you just never know what goes on in any family. Clearly there was something seriously wrong with some dynamic between this husband and wife; we just don't know what. It's scary, though, especially to someone who is unmarried, like me.

I think it is critical that we (as Christians, as humans) lift this family, and especially those little girls, up in prayer. Can you imagine what a huge inner struggle they are facing? Very few of us will be able to help them directly, but every one of us can take a few minutes to do some spiritual battle on their behalf. Pray that God will protect their innocent hearts, and that He will surround them with people who will guide, comfort, and nurture them in healthy and healing ways.

Wow, there's really not anything else to say.

2 Responses to “Three Degrees of Separation”

  1. # Blogger amanda

    amazing how small the CofC world is. one of the husband's good friends that commented about the couple's struggle after the miscarriage (before now 1 yr old entered picture)is the preacher at my parents church.
    I'm with JT's theory about the post-partum psychosis and/or depression.  

  2. # Blogger Jennifer Thompson

    That is one theory. It could be right. If it is I hope Mary gets the help that she needs. But the more I hear about it the more I'm reminded we really don't know what's going on. My speculating on her reasoning won't help those girls. My sister-in-law was in the youth group at Bellevue when Matthew was the youth minister - it sounds like he was a great influence in the lives of a lot of people.  

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