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Reese and the rest

Did you watch the Golden Globes last night? I did, obviously. What a great night for Music City! I'm so proud of Reese Witherspoon, Joaquin Phoenix, and all the people involved in "Walk the Line".

And, of course, especially Reese, since she saw me play basketball in high school. Harpeth Hall was in our district back then. I always liked playing them, because, honestly, the Honeybears were not a powerhouse team. (No offense intended - they may be the force to fear these days. Back then, not so much.) I liked that because it meant I got lots of playing time. This particular game was a home game for us. The stands were not too packed, since it was a girls-only game. So it was easy to spot Reese, sitting high in the visitor's section. This was just around the time that "Fear" came out, so she was already famous enough for people to know who she was. We were sure all in awe. Except that I remember she was wearing flared or bellbottom jeans, and all of us good peg-rolling Mustangs were appalled that she could make such a faux pas.

Ah, the innocence.

So congratulations, Reese! (I'm sure she's a regular reader, after all.) Come by for a free donut anytime!

4 Responses to “Reese and the rest”

  1. # Blogger Phil

    Our school played HH too.

    The nickname "Honeybears" just never really struck the fear into our hearts.

    The girls were cute though.  

  2. # Blogger Jennifer Thompson

    Honeybears? For real? Who came UP with that?  

  3. # Blogger Michael Hickerson

    You know, I still haven't seen Walk the Line.

    I've been meaning to see it, but life keeps having other stuff for me to do.  

  4. # Blogger LB

    Honeybears is the name of a cereal. Not a sports team. But do you think I could get a tshirt?  

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