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Great News!!

I got a job!

After two years of taking project work, court-appointed work, and of just being frustrated about not finding a job, I found one! It was totally out of left field. My friend was offered an interview Thursday. She couldn't take it because she just had accepted another position, but she recommended me. I emailed them my resume yesterday morning, they called me yesterday afternoon, and I interviewed and was offered the position this morning!

It's not a lawyer position, but it's in the right field, and I will be able to use my legal training and experience a lot. I don't want to put too much up about it (some employers are picky about blogs), but I just wanted you all to know, since you've watched me struggle the last year or so.

Friday the 13th is my new favorite day!

5 Responses to “Great News!!”

  1. # Blogger Jennifer Thompson

    That is awesome!! Can't wait to hear more about it!  

  2. # Blogger Malia


  3. # Blogger Chris

    cool! congrats Tiff!  

  4. # Blogger amanda

    i've always been a bit partial to 13 since that's my birthday!  

  5. # Blogger Michael Hickerson

    Congratulations on the great news!  

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