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Random Bits 2

6. Second flat tire in two weeks today. Awesome.

7. Did it freak anyone else out the first time you saw the Watson's guy without his moustache? He looks like his younger cousin. I wouldn't have recognized him except that the Watson's girl is still in the commercials.

8. Diet pills: Why does anyone think these will work? First of all, if some miracle pill is invented, it will be patented by one of the large pharmaceutical companies and sold by prescription only. That way the government, HMO's, and pharm companies all make money off of what will be an incredibly lucrative product. If this ever happens, your doctor will be quick to prescribe it for you. They won't need Anna Nicole or cheesy daytime commercials. Second, if some product like this becomes available, all of the celebrities and wealthy people of the world will buy it up and there will be huge waiting lists. You won't be able to find it next to the cash register at Walgreen's. Those commercials annoy the tar out of me, and people who buy the products only fuel the fire.

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  1. # Blogger Michael Hickerson

    The reason diet pills are so popular is that we don't want to do the hard work of dieting. Dieting is really about changing some habits we have and let's face it..that can be hard.

    Plus the whole denying yourself whatever your food weakness is can be's so hard to say no to yourself sometimes.

    We want a miracle cure...  

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