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I need a new mop.....

because the one I have has been worn out mopping up my drool.
I went to see the new "Pride and Prejudice" over the weekend. Twice, actually. I never really liked the book (I think I read it when I was too young to appreciate it), but am a big fan of the BBC miniseries, Bridget Jones, and Colin Firth in general. (Pictures are from Chatsworth, by the way, which inspired Pemberly, and is where they filmed scenes for this movie.)

Matthew MacFadyen gives him a run for his money, though. I've been a fan of Matthew's since seeing Enigma in London in 2001. He has great screen presence, and an incredibly sexy voice. Then I discovered him on MI-5 (an English TV show, called Spooks there, that comes on A&E here), and have had a little crush ever since.

Now it's developing into a full-blown obsession.

Oh, and the rest of the movie is really good, too. Keira Knightley is turning out to be quite a good actress, and plays Elizabeth Bennett well. She finds the right balance of wit and sympathy, and manages to look ever-so-slightly-less-attractive than the actress playing Jane, the beauty of the family. Donald Sutherland is so endearing as Mr. Bennett. (I hate that the Harry Potter movies only cast Brits - he really should be playing Dumbledore now.) Judi Dench was born to play Lady Catherine. And on and on and on. The cinematography is gorgeous, and the camera-work is fresh without being too edgy for a period piece. The score is perfect - accenting the emotions playing out onscreen without distracting from it.

True, much of the original story is cut out, for reasons of length. Most of the attempts to "modern up" the telling works, so that Austen's prim style is cut through and the passions of the characters shine through. There are a few moments, however, when 21st-century mores are inserted with a heavy hand. But all in all, it's a fun, engaging movie.

This story resonates with every woman who has ever lived, ever. At least to some degree. As my friend Katie pointed out, all of us make snap judgments about people, and it's nice to find out sometimes that people are better than we think they are. And every girl has had a crush on that unattainable man, who we hope will be able to see in us what no one else can, and fall in love with us for it. Jane Austen found a way to make the fantasy come true, but in a way that acknowledges the challenges of such an occurrence, rather than explaining them away or ignoring them. The creators of this adaptation managed to capture perfectly the alchemy of Austen's story.

It's definitely a chick-flick, although any guy who knows what's good for himself will take his girlfriend/wife to see it. And I challenge any straight woman to walk away from it without falling a little bit in love.

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  1. # Blogger Katie

    best line.....

    "You have bewitched me, body and soul."

    There is nothing more to say.  

  2. # Blogger Michael Hickerson many rave reviews for the film.

    It makes me wish I had the wife or gf to take to the film.....

    Anyway, as I said somewhere else as a guy, I'd honestly rather see a movie like this based on a classic novel and with good actors than your standard, paint-by-numbers romantic comedy--I've sat through quite a few more than I'd like to admit.

    And seriously...Tom Baker should have been Dumbledorf. If not for his crippling arthritis, he would be...:)

    And if you don't know who Tom Baker is....LOL  

  3. # Blogger Malia

    Tiffany, you missed your calling, you should have been a movie critic! I've always thought that Ebert & Roper needed another thumb to make things a little more objective, maybe yours is the thumb they need! Of course, three thumbs up isn't as catchy as two...but who cares! I would venture to say that you give a hearty thumbs up for this one!  

  4. # Blogger LB

    That's MY hand on Hottie McHot's chest by the way...oh, if only it were real and not just pulp...And I think my favorite line, and the one I've already incorporated into my speech once today, is "I've got all these flutterings and spasms!"  

  5. # Blogger Tiffany

    Katie - yes, you are right.

    Michael - this adaptation has more humor in it than the BBC miniseries, and I appreciated that, too. Instead of a drama, it is much closer in definition to a romantic comedy - but infinitely better, for the reasons you gave.

    Malia - if I had 17 thumbs, I would give it 17 thumbs up. Is it the best movie I've ever seen? Well, no, but it's a wonderful experience I can't get enough of right now.

    LB - GET YOUR HAND OFF MY MAN!!! I may have to photoshop that one....  

  6. # Blogger Katie

    Seriously girls....there need not be any fighting.  

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