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England, Part One

Well, I don't have time to post too much, but I thought I'd tell you all a little bit about the trip. I'll come back and do a more detailed entry later.

After a fairly easy flight and train trip, we found ourselves in Loughborough Saturday just after lunch. Mark Hill met us at the train station and took us to the church building. After a quick potty stop, we walked to the city centre. Because it was Saturday, it was Market Day, so we all walked around the market for a while and ate lunch while we were there. Then we went to Mark's house for a short team meeting. Mark dropped me, Tracy, Melody, and Angie at Angie's new house. It was suppertime by this point, so, in honor of Michelle, we ordered Ming's Kitchen, possibly the best Chinese food I've ever eaten. At least the best I've had since the last time I was in England. Mmmmm.

Michelle had sent Angie a bag of presents, so I got those out of my bag and gave them to her. Angie is a huge Hugh Grant fan, so Michelle had included a movie Melody and I had found at Walmart a few weeks ago. In the $1 bin. Didn't know there was one, did you? So, we decided to pop it in and check it out. It is my new favorite movie. It's called "The Lady and the Highwayman" and is as awful as it sounds. The only positive thing about the film is that the main characters are reasonably attractive. The plot, the dialogue, the acting, the lighting, the editing, the cinematography - all of it is terrible. And wonderful. I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard. Seriously, even if you only make it through the first ten minutes, it's worth a dollar. If you can make it through the whole thing, congratulations on joining the club. Seriously, it's awesome.
We had a great week, and really got to know the young adults well. The personality of our group meshed really well with the L'boro congregation. Every night we hung out with the young adults group, we were at the church until Mark told us we needed to get back to our hosts' homes so they wouldn't be up too late.

We also got to see some of the surrounding countryside, and really grew close as a

So, I'll try to post a full day-by-day journal as soon as I have some more time, probably tomorrow.

On the refrigerator front, you'll be glad to know it's gone. (I paid the trash people an extra $50 to clean it out for me, and I still almost threw up twice. I ended up waiting outside until they were done.) My apartment smells much better, although I now have to buy a new fridge. Still, I'm a lot better off than I was 24 hours ago.

Until I can post again, Cheers!

2 Responses to “England, Part One”

  1. # Blogger Phil

    I think "fairly easy flight and train trip" would be relative, since Sheryl had an awful one.

    Also, in checking IMDB, I noticed that TLATH was released in Austraila as Silverblade. Do you have a preference?  

  2. # Blogger Michael Hickerson

    I'm hooked...

    To quote lyrics from Grease..."tell me more, tell me more!"

    OK, I need a life...  

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