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Thank you

I am so humbled by the response I have received to yesterday's post. Thank you for your support and love. I felt better after I wrote the post. I think I just needed to vent for a bit. I went to Radnor Lake yesterday afternoon and walked for about an hour. It was a perfect day, and did wonders for my spirit.

Then, last night, I went to hear my favorite author, Diana Gabaldon, speak (see link to her website at left). I started reading her books in college, after Outlander caught my eye while browsing in a Barnes & Noble. I have since gotten several of my friends, as well as my mother, hooked on the series. Last night she was at Davis Kidd to sign the 6th book in the series. My mom and two of my friends and I went. The way they had her facing to speak, we were able to sit in the cafe, by the rail, and enjoy coffee and chocolate cake while listening to her. It really was quite perfect, except for the waiters, who kept banging dishes around much louder than they actually needed to. Oh, well. Then we waited in line to get our books signed and take pictures. Ah, what a night.

And I want to say a public thank-you to Microphyt, who is sending me information on a possible job lead. It's not at all what I expected when I posted yesterday, but I'll take it!

Hope everyone out there has a fantastic weekend, and that you all get to spend some time outside in this gorgeous fall weather!

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