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An Adventure

Okay, folks, I'm on my way to Orange Beach. As in, Alabama. As in, got hit by Katrina.

My aunt and uncle and cousins have rented a condo, and invited me and my parents to go with them. So early in the morning, we will load up in an Excursion and a Maxima, and begin our journey. The mayor of Orange Beach has said that they are up and running and ready for Labor Day, and desperate for the dollars we tourists will spend. So I'm going to do my part to help the hurricane victims by lying on a beach for three days.

Seriously, though, this is going to be an adventure on several levels.

The first and obvious one is that we're going to take a road trip with three young boys. A trip that normally would take 8 hours, but will probably be longer because of closed roads. At least we have two cars, and the Excursion has a DVD player.

The actual state of the beach is pretty unknown at this point. Although it supposedly is mostly clean, the city is still warning people to just be careful, and look carefully before settling down on the sand.

I'm taking a camera (a crappy one, though) and plenty of film. Voyeuristically, I'm intrigued by the images on TV, and curious as to what we'll encounter. I'm hoping to capture the contrast between the devastation to the impoverished and the luxuries of the resort/tourist business of the region. There is a real irony there, in my mind. It does feel a little bit self-indulgent to be leaving to vacation in an area so recently torn up, but really, there's no reason for us not to go.

So I'm hoping to have something interesting to report next week. Oh, and I still owe you the story about Taleen's ceiling and the Polish construction workers. Until then, I wish you all cheap gas and a happy Labor Day!

PS - Does it bother anyone else to see all of the reporters and news crews talking to stranded, hungry, and desperate people in New Orleans? I mean, couldn't they just send their news helicopters and boats to help get people off of their roofs and to safety?

3 Responses to “An Adventure”

  1. # Blogger Michael Hickerson

    Interesting point about the lack of rescue by the media helicopters.

    And I hope y'all have a safe and great trip to the beach.  

  2. # Blogger Tara

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  3. # Blogger Tara

    yeah, I saw one shot today where they were just circling around filming this one guy, who was looking back up at the helicopter and kinda waving. I don't know if he was asking for help, confused, or saying hi. and I couldn't tell if he was on a roof or on the ground. but I just started thinking, "why are you filming this guy? if he needs help, help him. and if he's fine...why are you showing him just standing there instead of showing people doing something or..." I feel kinda bad saying it, but he didn't seem that interesting. not compared to what they were talking about and the other images they were showing. I guess I just thought of your post and it did bug me.

    hope you and mom et al. had a good weekend! love ya!  

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