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Okay, having thought about it some more, here is why I think the Ann Coulter thing bothers me:

Many speakers are denied a place on Harding's stage because of things they have said publicly. Mike Cope and Jeff Walling are the ones being thrown about on blogs, but the list would (theoretically) include Max Lucado, Rubel Shelley, and Tim Woodroof, for the same reasons: they preach a liberal and progressive gospel that rubs certain people the wrong way.

Therefore, Harding implicitly, if not intentionally, supports the message of anyone who is invited to speak. I don't really think Ann Coulter will tell the Harding kids to rape the earth, hate anyone different from themselves, and be violent toward other religious and ethnic groups, but these are things she has said very publicly in the past. Things Harding's administration doesn't have a problem with, apparently. Things that go against every fiber of my being, and directly contrast what my Bible says.

That's why it bothers me. I think I'm closer to composing that letter to Dr. Burks et al.

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  1. # Blogger Jennifer Thompson

    That's exactly how I feel - that Harding is, implicitly at least, voicing their support for Ann Coulter by not only allowing, but inviting her to speak. It's hard for me to believe that if there's a donor who's offended by Jeff/Mike/Max/Rubel/Tim/etc., there's no donor who would be offended by Ms. Coulter. I'm just hoping that multiple, respectful letters will at least get those in charge to reconsider, if not change their minds. Guess we'll find out.  

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