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A Sad Day for us All

I regret to inform you that my fish, Jaws, has passed onto that great aquarium in the sky. I know it's hard, but I hope you can all find a way to get through your day. I offer the following ode in his memory:

Dun dun, dun dun, dun dun, dun dun.

A fish of blue hue
Feared to eat in front of me,
So I had to hide.

Always paranoid,
He could not just ignore me
And watched me nonstop.

I know he liked to play
Lots of bubbles at the end
Of every day.

But not when I'm there.
Play and action never shown
His loving owner.

Alas, his fear came true
All alone he left this world
Sometime yesterday.

Flush-ed now is he,
Blue flash of worried fish brain
Fears his food no more.


To help you with your grief, I highly recommend an evening at the Williamson County Fair. It's running through Saturday at the Ag Expo Center off of 65, and it's been a lot of fun. It's very clean and family-friendly, and there is a ton of stuff to do - rides, games, shows, exhibits, livestock, and, of course, fair food. When was the last time you had a funnel cake? You know you want one. (Mmmm, funnel cake.)

It's $3 to park, $5 to get in, and I promise you'll have a blast. Just be sure to stop by the Icee trailer and say hello!

2 Responses to “A Sad Day for us All”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Yeah ... well ... funnel cakes are OK ... but do they have pineapple whip???  

  2. # Blogger amanda

    hey! i once had a fish named Jaws. i had him on my desk at work for like 3 years. my 7th fish, Art, could be joining Jaws in fish bowl eternity.  

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