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Family Tradition

My Uncle Dave is the chair of the Williamson County Fair. He and his cronies have put together the first one in 50 years, taking place next month. They have worked really hard to make it a big event, and it's going to be a lot of fun. I know I'll spend most of that week out there (August 5-13).

Now that I'm done plugging it...

I'm in my mom's office, taking advantage of her technology to get some work done. She has a copy of the Fair Guide on her desk, sent courtesy of my uncle. It has a schedule, map, all of the expected stuff, as well as several articles about the fair and its events.

One article is about the dairy tent cattle exhibition, and a Williamson County family, the Ozburns, who have a tradition in raising and exhibiting dairy cattle. Interesting enough.

But what made me laugh, what made me turn around straight to my computer and open up my blog, was the opening paragraph. The article is entitled "It's a Family Tradition!" and the opening graph reads:

When Hank Williams, Jr., made popular the song, "It's a Family Tradition", he probably did not realize he could have been describing the dairy show at the Williamson County Fair! (Copyright, Michael E. Smith)

For those of you not lucky enough to know the lyrics to the song offhand, here is the chorus:

Hank why do you drink?
Hank why do you roll smoke?
Why must you live out the songs that you wrote?
Over and over everybody met my prediction
So if I get stoned I'm just carryin' on an old family tradition

I know where I'll be hanging out at the fair.

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