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I Have Discovered the Secret clearing my desk off every day.

Step 1: fill a large glass with something to drink. Tonight's choice was milk.

Step 2: Go to desk.

Step 3: Place milk beside your elbow as you do your last blog/email/headlines check of the night.

Step 4: Hit the glass firmly with your left elbow as you type excitedly.

Step 5: Watch the milk quickly flow toward your most important papers.

Step 6: Even more quickly, scramble to move those papers out of the way, preferably to the file stacker where they belong.

Step 7: Throw away contaminated junk mail, and wipe up milk with paper towels.

Now I can enjoy a remarkably clean and organized desk. I have to go pour another glass of milk, though.

5 Responses to “I Have Discovered the Secret”

  1. # Blogger Michael Hickerson

    This does not seem like the most efficient way to clean the desk off on a daily basis..but that's just me.  

  2. # Blogger Tiffany

    Efficient, no.

    Effective, yes.  

  3. # Blogger Tara

    See, you must be better at this than me. The part where you knock your drink down at an angle where you have time to get your papers out of the way? Gets me almost every time...My drink just goes straight to the papers, and I spend the next little bit trying to dry them off. That's where the importance of drink selection comes in. If I stick with milk or water, they might never know...of course, my "important papers" aren't exactly as official as yours...mine, being homework assignments and such, are allowed to look messy.  

  4. # Blogger amanda

    does that work w/
    12" thick disability cases???  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    This post and the comments are all fascinating. I'm going home tonight and try this for myself. Can hardly wait. That desk has been a thorn in my side for weeks. Report tomorrow.  

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