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Why I hated P.E. class

I had lunch Monday with MalibuLibrarian and his wife, old friends from college whom I hadn't seen in about two and a half years. It was great to catch up, even though we didn't have much time together. They now both work at Pepperdine, and I'm trying to figure out when I can go out there for a good long visit. The fact that they live in Malibu has nothing to do with it, really. (And they have nothing to do with P.E. - keep reading)


If you're going to be in or around Nashville next Saturday, August 13, and are looking for a fun, cheap outing, have I got a show for you! Just in time for all the back-to-school bustle, we are throwing a dodgeball tournament! The First Annual Mission:Dodgeball Tournament will start at 6:00 p.m., and spectator tickets are only $3. (If you want to play in the tournament, send me an email ASAP!) The money is being raised to fund a missions team going to England for a week in October. We'll have prizes for best costume, and some fierce competition for the trophy. And, of course, no church event would be complete without a commemorative t-shirt.

The tournament will be held at the McIver Center on McIver street in south Nashville. It will probably last 2-3 hours, depending on the final number of teams. If you're around, come check it out.

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  1. # Blogger JAW

    Whew. Glad you clarified things. I hated PE as well and couldn't for the life of me remember how you could have hated PE because of something I did.

    Over time, I've unfortunately given lots of folks plenty of reasons to hate things (me, usually)...but never PE.

    Great seeing you, as well. Our guest room beckons.  

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