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More Love for Portland Brew

I ran into an old friend yesterday at Portland on 12th Ave South. Brandon and I met in high school, through our friend Lisa (who, in a very weird coincidence, works at Portland Brew). They both went to Hillsboro High School, and were in the Sophisticats, Hillsboro's show choir. Every fall they would do a lot of fundraising, including working at company picnics around town. I worked at every one of those they did for four years. Brandon and I always ended up working in the same both, and had a blast. I even took him to our junior/senior banquet (prom without the dancing).

Anyway, I hadn't seen him in at least five years. We sat and chatted for a bit about what we are doing now, and what we've been doing for the last several years. He is a Christian songwriter, and has recorded a couple of albums. Right now, he's in negotiations for a recording contract with one of the labels here in town. He gave me a copy of his EP, and it's good.

He was always the one we knew would "make it", though. One year, he entered and won the Grammys in the Schools contest, and sang in a chorus at the Grammy awards that year. I'm so proud of everything he's accomplished.

So this is me spreading the word. His website has a little information, most importantly the link to buy his CD's.

Oh, and he's playing at Pepperdine sometime in the next week or so, for those of you who live out there, apparently in the student center. Sorry I don't know more, but if you get a chance to hear him, you should.

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  1. # Blogger Tara

    That is so awesome. I'm glad you got to spend time with him. And it is cool that his music stuff is going well. Let me know if he's playing in Abilene? ;-) Love ya!  

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