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Hogwarts and all

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend of turkey and family and all that jazz. Mine was fantastic - I laid around and read and slept a lot. My kind of vacation.

Anyway, I went to see "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" last weekend, and have been wanting to post this since then, so here goes. (By the way, the movie was great, of course!)

Top ten things I want from the world of Harry Potter:
1. A Pensieve.
2. A time-turner.
3. An Invisibility Cloak.
4. Chocolate as medicine.
5. A Goblet of Fire, which I would use to find a good guy to date: I wouldn't have to waste my time figuring out who was worth my time. All the guys could put their names in, and the Goblet would spit out the one who is the best match for me. I could even have an Age Line.
6. The Flying Ford Anglia. So much more practical than a broomstick.
7. The Weasley twins, to make me laugh.
8. The "Alohomora" charm, especially when my hands are full and I'm trying to unlock my apartment door. Except I think I would never feel entirely safe. Maybe I'd have to have a whomping willow to plant outside my house.
9. Robes. How comfortable would that be? You'd never have to worry about a fat day.
10. A house elf. Because, duh.

What would y'all want?

7 Responses to “Hogwarts and all”

  1. # Blogger Kat Coble

    1. Pictures that talk back.
    2. The ability to apparate.
    3. Droobles Best Blowing Gum  

  2. # Blogger Phil

    Apparation is a definite.

    Invisibility Cloak - Definitely.

    Time Turner? - In theory it's cool, but in practice, you would age faster than people the same age. Think about it: Hermione is chronologically a year older than Harry and Ron, because of all the time she spent in multiple classes. If you did that consistently, you would age at a rate twice that of people the same way.

    Have I thought about this too much? Yes. Ask me at some point why a time machine would have to be a space and time machine. (Hint: The Earth moves through space as well as time...)

    Yes, I'm a nerd.  

  3. # Blogger amanda

    i could do without the robes. i trip upstairs enough as it is in long skirts! I would like:

    1)sudsy butterbeer
    2)a time-turner
    3)the Accio charm that requests things.  

  4. # Blogger Michael Hickerson

    Wow, so much cool stuff from the universe of Harry Potter, so little time. :)

    Let me see...

    The Invisibility Cloak would be fun to wear while driving around in rush hour traffic and freaking out everyone. LOL.

    I would also think some of the various candies and delicacies of the wizard world might be fun to see in person.

    And when i'm stuck in traffic, you have no idea how tempting it is to want a broomstick to just fly to work on....

    BTW--I have been meaning to ask if you could share the recipe for the pumpkin pasties.  

  5. # Blogger Katie

    The really large bath tub minus Moaning Myrtle of course - because what woman wouldn't want a tub that large?

    An Owl - because I'm always late putting bills in the mail so the owl might get them there faster.

    Chocolate Frogs - because they make me giggle.

    Moving Stairs - because moving stairs are awesome!

    A phoenix - because it's my wish list now leave me alone.

    The ability to make the Wookie noise - oh wait....wrong movie.  

  6. # Blogger Al

    Mrs. Weasley's clock
    A remembrall
    A sneakoscope  

  7. # Blogger Tara

    A pensieve (though if you count my xanga, I've got one :-) )
    time turner
    chocolate isn't already medicine?
    the Accio! and/or Wingardium Leviosa spells--and Lumos, for when you just can't find a flashlight with working batteries
    I'd go with a broom--c'mon, parking on a college campus would be way easier
    Potions, Charms, and Transfiguration as subjects in school...sounds so much more fun than my current schedule
    Quidditch--a sport without running :-)
    a Marauder's Map
    okay, I should go now....  

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