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Make that One Degree....

So it turns out that I'm closer to the Winkler family than I thought. I actually went to high school with one of Matthew Winkler's brothers; we stood next to each other in chorus my senior year. My heart broke a little bit more when I found that out. This isn't just a remote story on the news - this is a tragedy involving people I know.

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  1. # Blogger JAW

    I found out over the weekend that in the 1970's, before I was born, Mary Winkler's parents went to the same church as my parents in Knoxville. Apparently Mary as a toddler even spent some time in my parents house.  

  2. # Blogger JAW

    ps. Which would mean that Mary's parents also went to church with Jennifer Thompson's parents briefly. Jennifer, you may want to confirm this with your folks...apparently the Freemans went to Young High briefly before eventually settling at Laurel.  

  3. # Blogger Malia

    My parents went to church with Matthew's parents in Ft. Worth, TX for awhile. They even stayed in their home for a couple days during a moving transition (my Dad was in the Air Force and they were being tranferred and ended up having to move off base before they actually left Ft. Worth). I was just a baby and Matthew was either a small baby too or possibly his mom was still pregnant with him at that time. My Dad couldn't exactly remember.  

  4. # Blogger Phil

    You really don't realize how small the Church of Christ world is until something like this happens.  

  5. # Blogger Jennifer Thompson

    JAW - talked to Mom Friday, actually. Apparently Mary Winkler's family have spent time at several churches in Knoxville. They were at West End for a little bit too, I guess between Young High/South Knoxville and Laurel. (Mom didn't mention the YH years.) Someone at West End had seen Mr. Freeman at Norwood fairly recently as well (Mrs. Freeman died several years ago).

    Not only that, but Matt was my sister-in-law's youth minister at Bellevue. Phil, you're so right.  

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