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Twisters and Gas Leaks and Shopping - Oh My!

1. The storms Friday were nasty. I'm sure you've seen the news coverage. I have nothing to add other than that I and everyone I know came through it okay.

2. This morning, as I was getting my things together to walk out the door, my coworker Bridget called me. Turns out there was a major gas leak at the Shell station across the street from our office, and the fire marshall told us we had to clear the building for the foreseeable future. So we all got an unexpected day off. Now, tomorrow will be hellish as we try to catch up, but it was worth it - a gorgeous day outside, perfect for a day of vacation.

3. Michelle and I move this weekend. My apartment is approximately 25% packed up. Not sure when the rest of it will be done. (No, I didn't do much today. For one thing, the day off was a gift, and I didn't want to miss enjoying it. Secondly, I was out of boxes, and didn't want to get out and chase them down.)

4. I went shopping tonight, because I had a coupon for NY&Co. That store is ridiculously fabulous (or fabulously ridiculous; I'm not sure). For me, anyway. I found some cute earrings, and when I got them home, realized they match this really cute necklace I got on the Venice Boardwalk three years ago right before I moved back here from LA. I've only worn it a couple of times, because I haven't had earrings to match it. It's perfect for summer, so I'm stoked!

5. The Harding reception the other night: sadly, it turned out to be more of a recruiting event than anything else. I didn't know anyone, and we didn't stay too long. Two observations, though. First, our president gets mocked a lot. You think he really can't be that absurd. But, he really is. Second, Jim Bill McInteer is an amazing man. Whatever resentment and vitriol I carried into that place was dissipated by his comments. That's a true Christian; men like him take the wind out of my sails when I want to rail on my alma mater.

6. The Chronicles of Narnia is one of the most powerful Christian films ever made. We were watching it the other night, and I wondered what non-Christians get out of it. I think it must seem like a very odd, illogical children's tale if you don't know what the underlying story is. I don't think I would like it at all if I didn't believe: if I didn't know the story of Christ, I think it would just seem weird and disjointed. If I did know, but didn't believe, I think I would feel preached at. I know I don't have many non-Christians in my readers, but I'd love to know what you think, if you saw it - warts and all. Does Narnia appeal to you? Why or why not?

3 Responses to “Twisters and Gas Leaks and Shopping - Oh My!”

  1. # Blogger fabricsnob

    5. you said "vitriol". I had to look it up.
    5b. you got a new t-shirt out of it.  

  2. # Blogger Tiffany

    Vitriol is the old name for sulfuric acid, and is now used to describe extreme hatred or disdain.

    As in, in old novels, when a woman became jealous of her lover's mistress, she would throw vitriol (acid) in the woman's face to disfigure her. Now it's used figuratively when someone is mistreating someone or disfiguring them with words.

    Aren't you glad to have a nerdy friend like me?  

  3. # Blogger fabricsnob

    why did I think of men's hair tonic? ah. I think that is Vitalis? come on Phil... I bet you know.  

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