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Has it really been 3 weeks since I've posted? Since I started working this "real" job, I just don't have as much playtime, go figure. And when I do, honestly, I don't want to sit in front of a computer.

But I do have a lot on my mind. Here are a couple of snapshots of the inside of my brain:

1. I hurt my back again. I actually missed two days of work earlier this week, and spent four days straight lying on my living room floor. Today is the first day I've put in a whole day, and just this afternoon am I comfortable enough to sit for a few minutes. Although I think I will regret it when I try to stand.

2. My roommate's sister moved to Nashville over the weekend, to be the new manager at a local store for a national clothing chain that caters to slutty pre-adolescents. Anyway, she hasn't been feeling well, and last night went to a doctor, who diagnosed her with pneumonia. She's at Vandy, for the next day or so. She's staying with us until she gets settled in and finds a place of her own, so our apartment is becoming poor-baby central.

3. Sedley Allen: those of you from states besides TN probably don't know anything about this. Short version is that he's on Death Row and was scheduled to be executed earlier this week, but the governor gave him a 2-week stay so that DNA could be tested, and also to give the US Supreme Court time to decide whether or not to review a case challenging lethal injection, which is how he will die. I am in general opposed to the death penalty for a number of reasons, the most important being that, as a Christian, I believe that all life is important and has hope and potential. The death of any person, no matter how degenerate we may think he is, eliminates all potential redemption in this life. Also, it is generally more expensive than housing an inmate for life, does nothing to deter crime (since most murders are heat-of-the-moment, and the perpetrators don't take the time to contemplate a death sentence), creates a society of fans (seriously) who glorify what the person has done, is applied disporportionately against minorities and the impoverished, and does nothing towards our penal sytem's purported goal of rehabilitating offenders. The law being what it is, Gov. Bredesen did the right thing. Sedley Allen has every chance under the existing rules to save his life. Maybe DNA analysis will cast doubt onto his conviction, although I doubt it. Maybe the Supreme Court will take up the lethal injection, and no one will be killed by that method for a while. We'll see. Either way, he's done what he can, while not standing in the way of decided law.

4. Da Vinci. Read the book, going to see the movie, even if it does suck. Don't care much about the controversy. I think it's great that there is discussion being spurred within the church about the supression of women over th centuries. I think there has been a lot of that, and a lot of denial of the feminine side of God's nature. It doesn't bother me to think that maybe Jesus got married and had kids. He did live a full human life, right? I don't think he did, though, b/c surely the gospel writers would have included His example as father and husband. But it wouldn't change who He was or what He did, in the end, so what does it matter? And the church has suppressed people and covered things up. We'll have to account for that some day. Why not come clean now? It would add to our credibility at this point.

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