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Dodgeball Update

For those of you wondering, our tournament went very, very well this past weekend. We had 16 teams (not as many as we'd hoped, but still a great turnout) and somewhere around 150 or so spectators. We raised $1380 after expenses, which will go a long way to helping our two missions teams pay for our travel.

Highlights included the goth team called "Precious in His Sight", the winning team that was entirely composed of people from a "rival" church, a kickin' bake sale and facepainting for the kids, and the ministry team that, surprisingly, stayed in the competition well into the night. This although they asked to play first to "get it over with".

So it was a great night, and we're definitely looking forward to this being a growth enterprise.

2 Responses to “Dodgeball Update”

  1. # Blogger Jennifer Thompson

    The image of PIHS is still burned in my mind. Oh, it's so freaky. The weirdest part about it is that most of them could really pull it off. My personal highlight: A certain player's accessory which read "I'm a Sucker for Guys With Eyeliner."  

  2. # Blogger fabricsnob

    I was pretty impressed with a couple of the players wearing eyeliner!
    Tiff- can you link the Slack song to this post?  

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