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Vandy v. Lipscomb

Did anyone else see it? If so, I have a question. When they made the controversial call on Dan Cage, why did they count his basket? Or was it not a charge but some other foul they called? Is there an exception somewhere I don't know about?

(There was a call made on a play during which Cage made a shot, but he and a Lipscomb player were knocking against each other and they both went down. The refs didn't agree at first whether Cage or the Lipscomb player had committed the foul, although they all agreed there was one. In the end, it seemed like they compromised, and gave Vandy the 2 points, but also called a foul on Cage.)

I thought that it was pretty black and white that, if you committed a charge, your basket didn't count. Clearly, though, there's something I don't know about either what happened or the rule itself. Can anyone help?

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  1. # Blogger John H

    tiff, the ball left his hands before he fouled. In that one case, the basket counts, but he is charged with the foul. I was sitting on that end of the court when Cage made the play.

    I thought it was a good call.  

  2. # Blogger Tiffany

    That's what I was wondering. My dad and I were discussing it on the way home, and he said that a call of charge where a basket was made used to automatically result in a conference between the refs to decide just that. He thought it had been abandoned, but looks like it was put to good use last night.

    Thanks for your help!  

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