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Of Bunco and cheerleaders

So it's only 2:00 on Saturday afternoon, but it's been a pretty eventful weekend already.

Last night I attended the inaugural Blogger Bunco night at Mothership BBQ in Berry Hill. There were 12 local female bloggers of assorted types, and we had a blast. I won a prize for having the most losses. That's my kind of prize. I'll post pictures as soon as I can get my pics uploaded onto my home computer, and then get my computer somewhere with internet access so I can load them here. It seems way more complicated than it ought to be.

Then today, I attended my 10-year high school reunion picnic. Wow. I'm seriously not old enough for this. Almost everyone there was married with at least one offspring, and one couple has four already. Again, I'm not ready to handle this.

It was a lot of fun, in the end. In the words of a coworker, it was great to go and feel "normal" with these people. I still felt a little prickly toward some of the girls I didn't get along with back then, but I wasn't there to get along with them. I was there to see my friends' babies, to get caught up on the gossip, and to make myself feel better by going in there with the confidence and self-esteem that I have developed over the last decade.

There were several people there whom I hadn't seen since graduation that I was very happy to see. There were a handful that I was disappointed I didn't have more time to talk with.

That doesn't mean I'll shell out $50 for the dinner tonight.

All in all, though, I survived, and I'm glad I went. Tonight promises poker and margaritas with people I am very close to, and I'm glad for that.

Here are the promised Bunco pics:


Mothership Bunco III

My First Bunco!

More on my flickr site (see banner to the right). Enjoy!

3 Responses to “Of Bunco and cheerleaders”

  1. # Blogger Malia

    I'm so glad you came out on Friday! And it was just so surreal to hear all the Nashville connections. BTW, we went to the DD for breakfast Saturday morning. I saw your dad, but I was too shy to introduce myself, plus, as always on a Saturday morning, they were really busy! I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures!  

  2. # Blogger fabricsnob

    Malia- You should always talk to Doc. He is the famous imparter of crazy knowledge. Must be genetic.  

  3. # Blogger fabricsnob

    ps- Tiff, current icon dedicated to you, Angie, Tracy, unborn baby Xenu and MINGS!  

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