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Why I voted for Obama

(Disclaimer: this post is ENTIRELY my opinion.  I understand, and respect, that there are others who voted, from their conscience as I did, in an entirely different way.  I understand that the underlying assumptions I have that led me to these conclusions may be different from yours.  

But I've been asked a few times over the last few days, and thought I'd post the reasons why.  

This isn't why I think you should have voted one way or another; it's why I voted the way I did.)

Because under President Bush and his advisors, Americans are less safe, less secure, less insured, less literate, and less free than before he took office.  (The Patriot Act, anyone?)

Because under President Bush, America has become the most hated nation in the world.

Because under the Republican model of deregulation of the economy, unscrupulous people took advantage of the trust of the American people and undermined our biggest strength.

Because I do believe that equal family rights, including marriage and adoption, should be available to all qualifying adults, regardless of sexual morality.

Because we (as conservatives) have insisted for years that it was bad for government to be big, increase taxes, and create social welfare programs; that if allowed to keep our money, we would address social issues privately.  But we've been given the chance and haven't done it.

Because our generation has the opportunity to help our government work to eradicate malaria and prevent AIDS around the world.

Because having a black president with a Kenyan father and an Arabic name will give us credibility among those with whom we need to work to eliminate terror around the world.

Because under President Bush we have increased the tax debt and trade deficit we will pass onto our children more than under any other single administration, and this done by an administration who won the White House on a platform in part promising smaller government, lower taxes, and less burden on future generations.

Because I'm ready for a change, and I don't think John McCain, as great as he is, was ready to break quite far away enough from the rest of the party to make any real strides away from what they've done for the last 8 years.

And lastly, because I'm tired of my faith being hijacked by the religious right and other conservatives who use the name of God and Christ to spread hatred, discrimination, and fear. 

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  1. # Blogger Rusty and Ann

    I am so enjoying reading what you've written lately. Thanks for sharing- I couldn't me more happy with how the election turned out, I only wish I could say I voted for him, stupid me forgot to register absentee in time. Not that he needed me!!! We have gotten some pretty nasty emails about the election results from some angry people who assume we agree with them. One threatened God's judgement on Christians (and anyone really) who voted for Obama. I should send that one to you. I think I will! I wish I had the guts to write back. Well said, Tiff, keep up the good blogging.  

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