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Just because

Almost everything you knew about me a year ago has changed.  Just so you're in the loop.  Here's a short list:

1.  Currently working as a temp attorney, taking work when and where I can get it, and in the meantime, doing some traveling and enjoying life.
2.  This summer I spent two weeks in New Orleans working with impoverished youth.  Amazing.  I have even looked at jobs down there.
3.  Then, one of my girls from England came for a visit.  We drove from Nashville to Orlando, to New York, to Niagara and back.  Also amazing.  Have also looked at jobs in the UK.
4.  Moved into a house with a yard and a dog and awesome new roommates.  Miss the old roommate, too, though, just for the record.
5.  Just signed up for NaNoWriMo.  I know some of y'all have done it in the past, so if you have advice, send it my way.  Or, you know, ideas of what to write about.  
6.  Kinda think I want to be a teacher now.  Have looked into what all that would take.  Basically just need to find a school that needs a history/civics teacher and start from there.
7.   Still driving the same car, going to the same church, and listening to Lightning 100.1.  So not everything has changed.

More soon.....

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  1. # Blogger Rusty and Ann

    OK, glad I checked! I was about to delete your blog from my bookmarks cause I thought it was dead! Well, glad you're back! Keep up the posting! Inquiring minds you know.  

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