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I (heart) WRLT

First, Lightning 100 (or 100.1, or WRLT) has begun live streaming once again. (I think I mentioned this already, but it bears repeating.) This is the best radio station I have ever listened to anywhere. When I was in LA and England, I got through many a vicious study session by listening online to the sweet sounds from home.

My heart broke when they had to stop. Now, though, the fates understand that all people everywhere need access to this station, and they gave been allowed to start again.

Anyway, as testament both to the general quality of their programming AND to just how in sync they are with me, personally, they played "The Battle of Who Could Care Less" just a little while ago. Like they understood that it's been playing in my head since last weekend, and they wanted to help me out on a long, slow Friday afternoon.

So happy weekend, everyone. Good music has triumphed once again. (This is becoming a theme, I fear.)

3 Responses to “I (heart) WRLT”

  1. # Blogger chez bez

    This was wonderful news for sure. I was always a bit fuzzy about why they couldn't stream when so many other stations did.

    Just glad that they are doing it now.

    Happy listening!  

  2. # Blogger John H

    man, I wish they would let us listen to the Internet radio at work. I've got some music on my work computer (entered after hours, OF COURSE), but I love the WRLT.

    I'm also loving the new look of your blog.  

  3. # Blogger NK

    I am a huge fan as well and was so psyched that they came back online. What was more amazing is that they responded to an email I sent them almost five years ago to let me know they're back. Unbelievable!

    I posted the note here:  

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