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My Cousins

My uncle got married eleven years ago, and he and his wife have three young boys. The oldest is nine (almost ten), the middle one is seven, and the youngest is three and a half. They are the best kids ever! And I am such a terrible cousin for not getting over to see them more. (I only live about three miles from their farm.)

I have to share a little about the youngest one, Johnny. He wants so desperately to be as old as his brothers, and he is very intelligent and creative. For example, the last time I babysat, he showed me a toy that I knew he had received at Christmas, and he ever-so-casually informed me, "I got that for my eighth birthday". Then he looked outside, where it was raining and sleeting, and said, "I think it's about 87 degrees today." So funny! Also, when the oldest brother got a new bed, and my aunt and uncle had to spend a while figuring out how to fit it into his room, Johnny went to his own room, dug out his toy tools, and began "measuring" his own furniture. (He told his mom his bed was 87x19 inches.)

But my favorite story: There is only one kind of blue jeans he will wear. All of his other jeans and pants make him "look dumb" (his words). These special jeans come from Sears, and my aunt, Tammy, had bought him a couple of pairs. Well, one night she washed them, and forgot to put them in the dryer. So the next day, as he was eating breakfast, she told him he would have to choose another pair of pants to wear to preschool, because his jeans were still wet. He wanted to wait until they were done drying. But Tammy told him that no, they wouldn't have time before school. So he kept eating, but she could tell he was still thinking about it. So he suggested they go to Sears and buy him some more. Tammy, amused, told him that that idea wouldn't work because the mall doesn't open until 10:00, while school starts at 9:00. So he thought some more, and came up with a solution. "I know. I'll wear my other pants, but I'll keep my long coat on so no one can see them. Then you go to Sears when it opens, and buy me some jeans, and bring them to me at preschool." It was all Tammy could do to not just laugh out loud. So she told him, "I'll try", thinking she might swing by and pick up an extra pair or two, and surprise him after school.

When the boys are in trouble, Tammy will say "look at me" or "look in my eyes". Well, when they pulled up to the school, before he got out, Johnny turned to Tammy and said, "Mommy, look at me. Do you promise that you will go to Sears when it opens and buy me some jeans and bring them to me at preschool?"

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