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Praise the Lord and pass the Syncronicity

The Police have scheduled a show in Louisville on a Saturday night. My prayers have been answered.

Excuse me while I go pay an exorbitant sum to join the fan club so that I can buy the tickets in the pre-sale.

And yes, I know they might still schedule a show for Nashville. I think I could handle seeing them twice, and in fact, I will bitch-slap you if you get in my way to buy tickets to that one.

(For Adam, and others, who might wonder why I get so giddy about The Police.)

It's about the history. In their own way, and admittedly on a smaller scale, The Police did for rock what the Beatles before them and Nirvana after them did. They took a new experimental sound that was happening in pockets of America and/or England, and they brought it mainstream. They had incredible critical and commerical success. Then after just a few tumultuous years they quit playing together (this is where there is a contrast to, say, The Rolling Stones or U2, whom you can still see at any time). Nirvana and the Beatles will never have the chance to reunify. The Police haven't played together in 20 years. It's a gift from the music gods, and I, for one, don't want to miss this chance.

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