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23 Ways to Hit the Snooze on my Biological Clock

Today is my cousin Charlie's 10th birthday! I can hardly believe he's that old! He's incredibly mature and intelligent for his age, and loves the outdoors - sports, animals, and all the rest.

Anyway, last night was his birthday party. His mom invited his whole second-grade class over to the farm, where they had set up the new trampoline (a joint birthday gift to all 3 boys), their karaoke machine, a pinata, and the go-carts. Yes, plural. And where there are multiple go-carts, there are go-cart races.

So wouldn't you know that all 20 of Charlie's classmates would come, plus his two brothers and Jack's friend Nicolas.

Do you know how noisy 20 eight-year-olds can be? Especially when they don't fully grasp the concept of a microphone, and repeatedly scream into it in an effort to drown each other out?

I was pretty much shell-shocked by the time the evening ended. Fun as it was, I was ready for it to be over long before it was.

I used to work at a day care, and we always said childcare was the best form of contraception. Now I remember why.

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  1. # Blogger amanda

    I also know how noisy 28 year olds can be, too! tee hee  

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