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This weekend was the spring retreat for the oc Singles. It was by far one of the best retreats I've ever been on. John Alan Turner spoke on fearlessness, and it was so what I needed to hear. Especially with my non-existent income and new job, I needed a reminder to face those fears and deal with them. He also did a fantastic job of dealing with the inherent Single fears of loneliness and the desire for companionship, encouraging us to make the most of our singleness, without making us feel ungrateful or unfaithful.

Retreats have always played an important role in my spiritual life. Unfortunately, I'm not very disciplined, and so my daily life doesn't include enough time dedicated just to God. So an entire weekend away from my life, focused simply on God and my Christian family, always does me a world of good. Retreats allow me to re-center and face head-on some of my deeper issues. It's also the best time to catch up with friends and make new ones.

And, just as a fun fact, my tattoo (gasp!) is symbolic, at least in part, of two retreats in high school: a fall retreat at which Melody and Ethan and I stayed up late on that concrete slab at Meribah, watching the stars and talking, and a spring retreat at Neyati, where I spent some amazing alone time at the end of the dock, looking up at the stars. (It's a shooting star, on my right ankle.)

So between the amazing worship times, the spades tournament, the long talks, and singing through Great Songs of the Church into the wee hours, I feel like a new woman. I hope you all have been blessed in some way this weekend!

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  1. # Blogger LB

    Here, here! I thought the message was great. He along with Debbie who came to speak to the girls did excellent jobs at getting to the heart of the issue and not dwelling on quaint, pat notions we've heard all our lives. It was very refreshing to admit to some of those old fears we've held onto so long and then to laugh them away with others who had been doing the same. That also, by the way, is the main reason girls rule.  

  2. # Blogger john alan turner

    I knew it was you. You mentioned to someone something about your blog, and it wasn't too hard to find -- single, female, attorney in Nashville, Otter Creek, etc. Thanks for the kind feedback in your post. I'll add this to the blogs I check regularly.  

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