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Me Maw

I got some really sad news today. The woman who was like a third grandmother to me just died. She had been in poor health for several years, so it wasn't a surprise, but I'm still so sad to know she's gone.

Her name was Sallye, but our family, as well as hers, called her Me Maw. She was one of the Donut Den's first and longest-lasting employees. She was known around town as the Donut Lady. When I was young, I spent most days in the store, for at least a couple of hours, so Me Maw was a huge part of my growing up. One of my favorite memories is of watching her decorate cakes. We used to sell cakes, way back in the day. The woman could work magic with icing. She could make the most fun clowns, and beautiful roses, which were my favorite. She would take my finger and make a little rosebud on my fingertip for me to eat. Is it any wonder I love her so much?

As I grew older, she was just as caring. She and her husband, George, would have us out for cookouts at their farm in Nolensville. George would fire up the tractor and give us hay rides in the wagon. The few summers our family ran a fireworks stand, Sallye and George came and worked almost every day. She was just as wonderful selling fireworks as donuts.

The last time I saw her was just a few weeks ago, right before I quit working at the Den. She and George were on their way to a seniors' event at their church, and stopped in to get donuts to take. She wasn't feeling well enough to get out, but I ran outside to talk with her for just a few minutes. I'm so glad they came by that day, so that I got to see her that one last time.

She always had something kind to say, and something funny. She was a wonderful Christian lady with a giving and gracious heart. I will miss her, but I know she is Home now, and just as happy as always. Goodbye, Me Maw!

3 Responses to “Me Maw”

  1. # Blogger LB

    I hope one day someone has such nice words to say about me. That was a very sweet tribute.:-)  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Thanks for this tender remembrance. You've reminded me of my Grandmother ("Mam") ... and she's always a blessing for me to remember. What a gift that we have such caring souls in our lives to experience and then remember.

    Thanks for the memories. You have a way with words.  

  3. # Blogger Jamie Dawn

    You paid her a lovely tribute. Just the fact that you had a "third" grandma makes you very blessed.  

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