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Quick thoughts

1. The end of LOST: not a bit surprised that there will be 6 total seasons. I've theorized for a while that there would be 6. So far, the seasons have covered days on the island that track Hurley's "lucky" numbers. The first season covered about 40 days. 42, I think. The second season covered 3 weeks after the raft set sail. 23 days. So far this season, we've seen Jack/Kate/Sawyer spend a week w/ the Others, and have seen Ben promise to attack the beach after another week. I think it's a safe bet that that is where this season will end. So probably 16 days total for this season. Yep, 3 more seasons to count out the numbers. I think they've known (or at least wanted) to have 6 seasons all along.

2. Just a personal horn-toot: I've dropped 29 pounds from my all-time high. I also just bought several new pieces of clothes in a size I've not worn since high school. I'm not proud that I was ever that big, but I'm glad to be a much healthier weight. Hopefully there is more weight loss still to come, too. (Not a lot more, but some more.)

3. Seriously, I can't quit listening to the new Travis album (see my previous post if you're lost. Hee hee, lost!). It's fantastic. And I'm not one to listen to a song or album on repeat, normally. Wow, this is really good.

4. Hmmm, okay, maybe that's it.

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  1. # Blogger Michael Hickerson

    Congrats on the weight loss. It is hard work. And you should be proud. :)

    As for Lost, I'm happy we know when it will end. But as I said elsewhere, I am worried about if the producers know HOW it will all end.  

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