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Fragments on a Friday

So did you see that episode of "Supernanny" where Jo demonstrated to the mom what it was like for her son with ADHD? Where she gave the mom headphones, turned the TV on, turned the kids loose in the room, and then asked her to read a magazine? Sometimes my work environment is like that. From where I sit, I can hear between 5-8 people's office areas. Sometimes they all talk at once. When clients come in, people tend to congregate in those areas. Fridays are insane. If I ever have a kid with ADHD, I'm all prepared.


I love that this week, everything is suddenly green. The grass, the trees, the pollen, my snot.....


Random Friday: the iPod shuffle game
1. "Now at Last", Feist (from Let It Die)
2. "Holy is the Lord", Zoe Group (from Closer)
3. "Sacramento & Polk", Alejandro Escovedo (from The Boxing Mirror)
4. "Hunting Season", David Mead (Tangerine)
5. "Lullaby", Dixie Chicks (Taking the Long Way Home)
6. "Come to the River", the Jayhawks (Rainy Day Music)
7. "Fine and Mellow", Eva Cassidy (Live at Blues Alley)
8. "They Can't Take That Away From Me", Billie Holliday (Love Songs)
9. "Liquid", Jars of Clay (Jars of Clay)
10. "Instant Karma", John Lennon (The Collection)

A pretty good selection, pretty indicative of me on any given day.


Conundrum solved: we aren't starting the book until the Sunday after Easter, so I can go buy it after Lent is over.

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  1. # Blogger fabricsnob

    I raked old leaves today. I have used about 10 Kleenex in the past 5 minutes. hmm. that's 2 per minute. about right.  

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