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Music poetry

As promised (you know if you were one of the people I promised this to), some haiku and a sonnet about recent concerts I've attended:

Rites of Spring
Drunk frat boys, drunk girls,
Crowds, loud music and good friends:
Saturday was great.

Will Hoge
Smoky, crowded, loud,
Exit/In and Will on stage
Make a perfect night.

A few times recently I’ve been so blessed
As to see local guys in a great band
Called Steamboat. Now that I’ve become a fan
I’ll say that as for cover bands, they’re best.

They play the great old classics, country, blues,
Pretty much anything that flat out rocks.
These guys know how to play so that your socks
Are blown to some far place away from you.

Alas they plan to soon take a new name;
Their fans may never be just quite the same.

Previous compositions in iambic pentameter.

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  1. # Blogger fabricsnob

    as previously stated, I love this quality about you.  

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